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If you look at the status-declined page you'll see that it starts off with "This is a moderator-only tag.." None of the other moderators tag say this, so can we remove this?

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Or add it to the others? – Time Traveling Bobby Jul 29 '10 at 6:24
@Bobby either add it to all or remove it from all I say, just odd to me with the inconsistency – Earlz Jul 29 '10 at 6:36

I'm for adding it to all (moderator) tags.

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It's a wiki - just get a bunch of votes on bad suggestions, and you can edit it yourself!

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Too bad there's no revision history yet. I'm curious who is telling us to blame Jon Seigel. – mmyers Jul 29 '10 at 22:37
@mmyers: Indeed, it's a mystery... I suspect Jon Seigel. – Shog9 Jul 29 '10 at 22:44
Self-framing... ftl :)… I'd love to make a hilarious edit, but as you can see, I don't have enough votes in that tag. – Jon Seigel Jul 29 '10 at 23:22

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