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I couldn't really search on F# (giving me all unrelated hits), so forgive me if it's been asked before.

With currently > 1200 questions tagged F# on StackOverflow and with Jon Skeet having co-written one of the most outstanding books on the subject, I'm slightly surprised that F# code isn't highlighted cq. recognized by the code-formatter as a separate language yet.

Suggestion: please implement a code formatter for this lovely new (not so new) language so that questions like these become more readable.

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Do you know, that they use a third party lib? Maybe you are interested in this: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/981/syntax-highlighting-hints – Ladybug Killer Aug 2 '10 at 19:29

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It looks like this has been improved recently (well, at least 6 months ago), see @Jeff Atwood's answer to the question @Ladybug Killer linked to. I tested it out, and if the question you are answering or asking is tagged "f#", then it is correctly inferred to use "lang-ml". If not (for example, you are showing off how sweet F# is in a C# answer), then adding <!-- language: f# --> or <!-- language: ml --> preceding a code snippit does the trick.

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