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As the question suggests I am wondering where Wikitext questions belong, if they belong on any of the sites offered.

My basic question is concerning formatting a multi-line block of text inside of a list using Wikitext.

I have searched through the web and could not find an answer, so I figured the best place to ask would be on the relevant stack.

Considering the options:

My question isn't related to programming. Instead it is about formatting of Wikitext. Most of the questions and answers on SO seem to be about parsing Wikitext and not about using it.

No. This question has nothing to do with servers.

Seems to be a catchall for questions but no one else seems to have posted anything about Wikitext, and Superuser says its purpose is:

If you have a question about …

* computer hardware
* computer software

Of which my question is neither.

My question is about Wikitext, which is on the web, but not related to CS/HTML, which is what most of the questions on DocType seem to be about (0 matches for a search of 'Wikitext').

Where should I post such a question? Or is there somewhere I can post this question? Should I try going to a Wiki specific site, outside of the stackexchange universe?

Thank you very much!

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SU is probably closest out of the trilogy, but they're fairly anti web-application questions. You probably want to ask on the Web Applications SE site, which is in public beta at the moment

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Hmm.. This could be a possibility, but most of the questions on this site seem to be more about locating various web applications for specific purposes or determining which one to use than actually using one. For my question, I have a specific example of what I am doing (my markup), and why it does not work, which looking at the current questions doesn't seem to quite match. It might be worth a shot though. – KLee1 Aug 2 '10 at 17:56
@KLee1: Using web apps is the intend of this site, although many people are just asking for recommendations. – neo Aug 3 '10 at 10:00
@neo Thanks for answering my question! – KLee1 Aug 3 '10 at 16:29

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