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Can more rooms be added to the chat covering more concentrated topics for us to talk about?

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I'm not sure the edits to this question were correct. Jeff's edit and answer -- and Michael's subsequent edit -- assumed the OP was asking about chat. But as a 1-rep user, the OP shouldn't have been able to talk in chat. I usually edit aggressively to fix spelling and grammar issues, but in this case the original post was incomprehensible to me, so I voted to close as noise instead. – Pops Aug 5 '10 at 19:36
@Popular Oh, I assumed it was about chat because it had the chat tag; I completely missed that that wasn't in the original post. It's probably requesting adding more SO-type sites on other topics, which is covered by Area 51 proposals – Michael Mrozek Aug 5 '10 at 19:46

Any user can create a chat room on a topic (assuming you have the 20 parent site rep).

If you want more rooms on narrower (or just different) topics, create them yourself!

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From the FAQ:

Creating a new room requires 100 reputation; creating a room where only named users can talk requires 1000 reputation.

If you're nice you might succeed in getting someone with > 100 rep. to do it for you though (talking from experience).

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