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The title of the FAQ "question" here on meta used to be Official Stack Overflow Community FAQ. After the introduction of Server Fault and Super User I changed it to The official FAQ for Stack Overflow, Server Fault, and Super User.

But now with Stack Exchange, meta-su and meta-sf everything changed again.

  • What scope should the FAQ have? Should it be for all stack exchange websites, but with a section of stack overflow specific questions (like it is now)? Should it be split in two (one for stack exchange, one for SO)? Or what?
  • What should its title be?
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I personally think splitting it in two would be a good idea. This would reflect what is: the meta for all stack exchange websites, and also the meta for stack overflow.

I think for consistency reasons having a FAQ such as What do the Stack Overflow colors mean? in the stack exchange general FAQ wouldn't be ideal.

The titles could be:

  • The official FAQ for Stack Exchange websites
  • The official FAQ for Stack Overflow
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Just keep it as it is. Because this started as a programmer Q&A site, I would suggest that the new Stack Exchange sites can override the FAQ within their Meta-sites, if they need to.

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The official FAQ for all StackExchange member sites (and especially StackOverflow)

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