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I am working on my second start-up Lotaar, and I am what you guys will call "the idea guy" co-founder. But I am responsible for product development and user experience (UX) along side the normal business responsibilities. And I am now learning HTML and CSS so I will be of more help to my technical co-founder.

The type of questions I normally have relate to things like "Are there templates for Admin panels?" "How should you set up automated transactional emails as regards to content and frequency.", and I might have some newbie CSS, JavaScript and HTML questions.

As these are not hard core programming questions, I am wondering if this site will be appropriate for me. From experience, I believe the product guy should work closely with the programmers so I have assumed you guys/girls will have answers to my questions.

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Questions about StackOverflow itself should be posted at, not at (which is only for programming-related questions). – Andreas Rejbrand Aug 8 '10 at 14:09
Well, the non-programmer dude managed to get a link to his website in on the first sentence. And get some people to take him seriously, without any of them getting rid of the spam link. Give him a raise.<br/>Can somebody just get rid of that link please before somebody accidentally clicks it? – Uphill Luge Aug 8 '10 at 22:38

While questions like this one might not be entirely welcome, as it's not exactly a programming question, I think you'll find a lot of people willing to jump on your other questions. There are a lot of very experienced and clever people that will be able to answer questions on 'the right way to do things', what tools are available, etc. And equally, there are a lot of us that like an opportunity to score points on 'newbie' questions of all kinds.

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It doesn't matter whether you are a programmer or not: What matters is whether your questions are programming related. Judging from the titles, I'd say the E-Mail one is definitely one. CSS, Javascript and HTML questions are also welcome. (Be sure to use the search first, though - thousands of those have already been answered!)

I'd say go ahead and ask - you sound like somebody able to ask intelligent questions, and if something is deemed not programming related, it will simply get closed, which is not a catastrophe.

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You will probably get better answers to your HTML and CSS questions by posting them on the dedicated SE web design site,

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Point of interest: DocType isn't an SE site; it was inspired by it. (Translation: Not run by Jeff et al :p) – Margaret Aug 8 '10 at 21:22

From the sample questions you give, I wonder if you might want to direct your questions to instead.

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