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So I see that there is finally a master list of sites that I suggested a while ago (thanks!), but I just thought I might give some suggestions on how it could be improved. Since the status-completed tag was added 20 hours ago I might be just saying things that might be implemented soon, but I just want to get all of them out

  • Link it in the FAQ - Maybe after the initial list of obvious alternatives, why not say

    Lack of mentioning this will just give us the origional problem of people not knowing other sites exist.

  • Give it a link at the bottom of the page - This might be an issue, as space is already short. But would a small More... link work?

  • List stackapps, SO Careers, Area 51, and DocType (sister section perhaps?). They are all worthy of mention
  • Put Meta's next to site, as well as an explanation of meta at the bottom - This would be something useful, as right now most people don't know what Meta is
  • Put chat next to SO - Why not? Need to be registered and have reputation anyway
  • Give it an RSS feed - What would be the quickest way to spread the word that a new site is out? RSS! If you have hundreds of people subscribe, and a beta for Military Hardware is created, you now have tons of new people! And now your not relying solely on people that constantly follow Area 51 (IE me, because I can only commit to 3 things, and such things take a while, and the notifications are a little spammy). The half an hour of writing a RSS feed would tremendously help out any new site.

Just some suggestions. Thoughts?

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I believe many of these are completed, including

  • linking to /sites in the faq

  • a rss feed for the site list

.. any other thoughts?

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Wow, I think that just about covers it. Adding meta and chat to the bottom would eat too much space now that I look at it. – TheLQ Apr 13 '11 at 22:03
@thelq any thoughts on meta.stackexchange.com/questions/87239/… ? – Jeff Atwood Apr 13 '11 at 23:14

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