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This may be a dupe (or sufficiently similar to) these 2: http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/15637/bug-quoting-multiple-separate-blocks-sometimes-locks-up-the-browser-with-javascr and Firefox freezes (script execution uses 100% cpu) upon trying to quote, but those are a year old and have no answer.

I posted an answer on cooking.stackexchange.com. (I presume the error still goes to this meta: please move it if I'm wrong).

In this answer I wanted multiple blockquotes. Whenever I tried to achieve this by just working in the edit box and using the blockquote button, my browser (tested in both IE and Chrome) would freeze up when I started the second blockquote. I worked around the problem by doing the thing in stages and with a notepad window open as well, so I got out the answer anyway, but that's obviously no good.

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I really like the site design, but the bounty colors absolutely must be changed! (Green text on red button; one has got to go.) –  Mark C Oct 15 '10 at 7:48

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You can edit this answer to reproduce the bug.

It seems to depend on the number of lines, not words (you may need to add more if your machine is faster than mine).

Don't select this line

Do select this line and click on the blockquote button, you should get a script timeout.

(Note, if you select both of the preceding lines, no bug)

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