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How frequently are new questions indexed by search engines?

I was just curious about Google's crawling policy for Stack Overflow. One of my friends posted a question on Stack Overflow and I simply searched Google for any possible answers on the web. The first result was the question he posted. I have seen that it normally takes some time to see results in Google, but this was just within 10 minutes. Was it just coincidental, or does Google follow a different policy for sites like Stack Overflow?

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Google recently announced they changed the way pages were indexed, some pages will be indexed immediatly after they have changed if the author of the site sets it up correctly. I don't have a link at the moment to support this I am affraid.

I too was suprised at how quick a SO question appeared on google. I would imagine that Google has a priority list of websites that have good quality regular updates and google would prioritise them over other sites with less regular lower quality content who would have a slower indexing rate, perhaps once monthly as supposed to virtual real time.

I think what we are seeing is network speeds and technology improving worldwide. Domain propogation used to take several days, last time I tried it it was fairly instant. I think this is what we are seeing with google.

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I have noticed that google seems to crawl popular forums more often, so I don't think it was coincidence

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