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As a continuation from question Searching for a tag that is a synonym should use the master tag, I'd like to propose that more visual clues are given when we're dealing with tag synonyms. At the moment, I get an “(s)” at the end of a tag name when adding tags to a question. Though I know what it means, it's not definitely clear. After all, you shouldn't make me think. IMHO it should really read “(synonym)”, preferably italicized to stand out from normal tags with a number at the end. Even better, it should also say with which tag it is being replaced.

It gets worse when searching for a specific tag. E.g., when looking for questions tagged [c-sharp] on the tags page, I can see that tag but it's not clear that it's marked as a synonym. What's even worse, when clicking on the tag I'm instantly redirected to the [c#] tag, without any clue what's happening. A user might think that something is broken. It would be more clear when the list would provide a visual clue when a tag is a synonym, like [c-sharp → c#] and even better, that the resulting page says that we're automatically redirected to another tag, like Wikipedia does for its synonyms (e.g., look for C'era una volta il West and you're redirected to the article with the English title, along with a small note “Redirected from …”).

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It would also be nice to receive explicit notification of any tag synonym substitutions made when a question is submitted/edited in case we overlook that information when editing the tag field and think we've made a typo. – TheBeardyMan May 28 '13 at 14:54

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