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Steps to duplicate

This is highly intermittent and can change with no deterministic pattern that I can see.

  1. Navigate to http://stackexchange.com/leagues/21/week/mathematics/
  2. Observe user list, make a note
  3. Refresh page, observe user list for changes
  4. Repeat 3 until you see a user change occur

Expected output

Here is an image showing the correct display (Rank #9):

alt text

Vivi is user 85 on math.SE, Grace Note is user 85 on gaming.SE.

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1 Answer 1

Should be fixed now:

I wasn't including the site in the cache key, so the same ID on other sites would get the cached version from the wrong site

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I totally called this! – hobodave Aug 13 '10 at 10:27

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