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I can't associate my account at ubuntu.stackexchange with my account at stackoverflow or other sites (meta, se, su etc.).

When I click Associate with Stackoverflow button I get this popup user Id 1431 already associated with another account.

Associating accounts have worked previously with SE sites when I started using a new site.

All of the accounts should be using the same OpenId account.

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The problem seems to be that your SO account is associated with all of your accounts except your Area 51 account, while your Ubuntu account is only associated with Area 51. Try disassociating your Ubuntu account before associating again.

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Set your email address on the Ubuntu SE account you get logged in with to the same email as your SO account, then send a message to the team (you can use the Contact Us link at the bottom of each site) and ask them to merge the 2 accounts on the Ubuntu site.

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