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I signed up a commitment to the Theoretical Computer Science Area51 under an email address that can't OpenID. I then sign in with my Google OpenID and don't see the commitment. I log out and then try to click through the email address validation link and sign in with a new (just created) MyOpenID account under that email address for which the email address's own domain has no OpenID of its own. This just creates yet another user account under a different User ID number, despite the matching email address and the clicking through the email address verification. The committment is not visible on this new user ID's page.

I want to get into the Theoretical Computer Science stackexchange that I signed on to participate in during the Private Beta. How can I do that?

And why is this made so complicated?

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It sounds like you didn't follow the special link in the private beta invite email, which contains a special access token. It looks something like this:

If you don't follow this link in the private beta email, bad things can happen.

Beyond that, email for specifics.

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I got no such email... :( It does show my commitment on the user page for the user I can't log in as, though. – A Student at a University Aug 18 '10 at 15:01

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