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I made a typo while proposing a synonym for the [gtk+] tag and ended up with [gtkgtk2]. Nobody has voted on it. This is a feature request for the proposer of a tag synonym to be able to retract that proposal if nobody has voted on it yet.

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I definitely think this should be implemented.

Typos are one thing, where it's obvious you made a mistake (it doesn't stop people from upvoting, though).

However, it's the situations where you mistakenly create a proposal that is close but incorrect, or end up with a [tag1] --> [tag2] --> [tag3] (or similar) heirarchy, which is obviously not good.

This seems like a really simple thing to implement, and it would allow the community to better manage itself instead of having to ask for help.

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I don't think this is necessary. The tag will probably get removed soon anyway.

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