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On Stack Overflow, if I search for the tag Git I get 3,947 questions tagged. If I search for the tags Git + Windows, I get 80 questions tagged. It's what I am looking for.

But I can't search for the tags Git + Visual-Studio. Why?

For example, there is at least one question with Git + Visual-Studio tag:

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What type of error are you experiencing? – waiwai933 Aug 19 '10 at 1:43
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This is a list of all questions tagged [visual-studio] and [git]

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How do you success to do that ? Yes your link works. But I cant do it by myself. Please explain. – user150186 Aug 18 '10 at 7:20
Do I have to build in a editor my own link, and copy and pass it ? – user150186 Aug 18 '10 at 7:23
@pierre normally you'd just click [git] in the related tags in the sidebar from the [visual-studio] questions page, but [git] isn't in the top (n) related tags for [visual-studio] – Jeff Atwood Aug 19 '10 at 3:09

Just type [visual-studio] [git] in the search bar.

You can search for a tag using [tagname]. If you put more than one, you search for more than one. See for more options.

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