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Isn't Doctype for web design? Where will my photoshop questions go? and isn't photography for photographers?

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If it's about the manipulation of a photograph then http://photo.stackexchange.com/ would be a good home. The site isn't just for professional photographers. From their FAQ:

Photography - Stack Exchange is for professional and amateur photographers.

If it's about Photoshop usage in general then http://superuser.com/ should accept your question.

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here's my question on superuser superuser.com/questions/179646/… – abel Aug 23 '10 at 19:07

If your question is about using Photoshop to make Web Design, Doctype is the place to ask your question.

For photographic editing, there is the website Photography and Photographic Editing that is in open beta. As long as it is related to editing image, I think it will be on-topic for that site.

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