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When I view a tag page, e.g.

there is no mention on that page of the tag name ("CSS"). Although, in the most common use-case of following a clearly labelled tag link, this is not a huge problem, there are several other cases in which it could cause confusion:

  • Following an external link
  • Returning to the page some time later
  • Accidentally clicking the wrong tag link

I think that, especially with the inclusion of the 'mini tag wiki' at the top of a tag's page, it would make an awful lot of sense to display the name of the tag (either as a level-2 heading or as a suffix to the existing "Tagged Questions" h1).

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Well' it is there, but it could be more prominent. Obviously, when the tag wiki is displayed, there is a single tag searched and therefore no problem adding it to the title (or the wiki box, which would make the wiki box more intrusive though).

alt text

But imaging searching many tags - like delphi*, which extends to this:

alt text

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Yes, I'm not sure exactly how to handle multiple tags (your example, in particular, is a tricky one - /almost/ want a 'delphi' heading ...) but I think for the simplest case, single tag, displaying the tag name makes a lot of sense – Bobby Jack Aug 26 '10 at 12:10

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