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Once an Area 51 proposal has entered the commitment phase, is there a deadline by which it needs to achieve critical mass?

I found a couple questions lamenting about how long it takes to get enough commitments (e.g., How should “critical mass” be calculated?), so presumably it's a long time.

But does that mean a site could reach beta a year after entering the commitment phase? 6 months? Or are proposals intended (either manually or automatically) to be quashed after a month or two due to lack of critical mass?

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Neither the Commitment nor Definition phase has a time limit. They are both part of the proposal process: Do proposals on Area 51 expire?

There is currently no plan to put a time frame on a site proposal. We want to make sure that sites have all the time they need to develop properly. That can happen very quickly for a mainstream site. It might take longer for smaller sites. Smaller sites need time to reach out to experts and develop a following.

There may be some practical point where there has been absolutely no activity on a proposal and it gets deleted as a matter of system maintenance. But there's no "time limit" to get everything through in under "X" period of time.

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I didn't close as a duplicate because the linked question was asking about what we now call the Definition phase. – Robert Cartaino Aug 27 '10 at 1:09
Sweet, thanks: missed that question in my searching. – user149432 Aug 27 '10 at 1:54

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