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I was unregistered, asked a question. Then I decided to join using my OpenID. I didnt register via the same comp as the unregistered though, so now it auto-logs me into my registered account, while my unregistered is still active.

I want to accept an answer and leave comments under my unregistered account. How can I log back onto it?

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From this similar question you need to flag your post as needing moderator attention and ask for them to be merged.

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Thanks, I asked all my accounts tied to my email to be merged. – ParoX Aug 30 '10 at 13:07

Community moderators can no longer merge user profiles, even unregistered ones. See:

Therefore Martin Smith's answer is no longer valid. Instead one must use the contact us page
(link in footer, e.g.:
and fill out the form:

enter image description here

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