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I've just spotted that, on the main tag synonyms page, the fitler buttons do not work for me. I'm currently at work using IE7, which I suspect might be the issue, but cannot currently test in another browser.

I can get to the relevant pages via a little bit of URL tweaking:

Can anyone else confirm if this is a problem?

Side question:

Does StackExchange offically support IE7?
If not, then obviously I won't bother reporting any potential issues in the future.

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It kind of works, you just need ninja skills to hit the top left corner. Ill see if I can fix it. making ie happy is very hard. – waffles Sep 1 '10 at 14:19
@waffles Ah ha, yes, there is a tiny selectable strip across the top of each button. I'll leave you to try and work some magic upon it. – DMA57361 Sep 1 '10 at 14:26
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This seems to have been completed.

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