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I have given 9 up votes, but as far as I can see there's no way of seeing what I voted on. Should that be added?

The reason I'm wondering is because I read a really good answer to a question the other week, and although I voted up the answer (not the accepted if I remember correctly) I stupidly, stupidly did not mark it as a favourite. Now I want to see what other answers that particular user has given, but have no way of finding it again.

I can't remember the username or the exact question, and as this user was very good at describing how to read code I want to read more of what he's written, and it drives me mad that I can't find it!

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Check your browser's history? –  Matt Ball Sep 1 '10 at 22:50
Unfortunately I've had to delete my history! Oh well, I will continue to search. If I remember correctly it was Jon Skeet's answer that was accepted, this user's answer was the one with the second most votes. I think the username started with Ha, but I'm not sure, and one of the comments for the answer said '+1 for explaning how to read code' or something similar. So I've probably got, oh I don't know, about a million more questions to look through. :) –  annelie Sep 2 '10 at 10:39

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There used to be a "votes" tab in you profile that showed the most recent 30 or so votes. It was removed long, long ago (shortly after the public beta, maybe). I don't recall why.

By I have issued more than 3600 votes. Presumably that would be a heavy database query, which would be one reason to not support a general version of this facility.

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Yes, showing all votes might be overkill but showing the most recent ones sounds like a great idea, shame it was removed! –  annelie Sep 2 '10 at 10:37

Here is an answer that explains why you actually cannot figure out which answers you have up voted (easily, that is).... basically because they carry no reputation increase or decrease.

On the other hand you can track your down votes using your reputation audit, since down votes do carry a reputation decrease.

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