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Looking at the algorithm tag in SO, I noticed that there are 6452 questions reported:

alt text

Yet going to the tag info page, at the same time it found 6455 of them

alt text

Earlier this morning this was true for Delphi: 5799 against 5800. This is not the case at the moment.

But it is true right now for math: 2751 against 2752. Math does not yet have a tag wiki, so it does not depend on this.

There just seem to be different counting algorithms that produce different results at times.

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This may happen from time to time. We have lots of caching that may kick at different spots.

At the moment the counts are in-sync for the algorithm tag, so this was due to caching.

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These numbers are cached, which explain why they're different. However, I'm surprised that they're not relying on the same cache, so it's still a bug.

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the pages may also be cached and regeneated when something inportant changes – Ian Ringrose Sep 2 '10 at 12:41

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