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SEDE gives incorrect CSV for linked fields. The first 9 lines from the query where I noticed it:

 User Link,,Reputation
   "title": "",
   "id": 16929
   "title": "Joel Spolsky",
   "id": 4

And it also affects post links:

select id as [Post Link], owneruserid as [User Link] from posts where id=42;​​​​

Post Link,User Link
  "title": "Best way to allow plugins for a PHP application",
  "id": 42
  "title": "Wally Lawless",
  "id": 37
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I just tried this now and got:

User Link,,Reputation
  ""title"": ""John Resig"",
  ""id"": 6524
  ""title"": ""Reto Meier"",
  ""id"": 822

(Note the additional quoting and escaping.)

The second field does not have a column name because it isn't aliased in the source query.

Now, about the JSON-style column results -- is this supposed to be on a single line? This doesn't technically break CSV (or does it?), but it's much harder to process after the fact. Would people prefer it to be on a single line? Please let me know in comments.


User Link,,Reputation
"{""title"": ""John Resig"",""id"": 6524}","59.6","5807"
"{""title"": ""Reto Meier"",""id"": 822}","12.140845","9574"
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Since I don't see anyone commenting, I'm going to assume the way it is now is sufficient. If you want it changed, file a feature request. :) – Jon Seigel Jul 8 '11 at 23:28

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