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In the Japanese proposal, I currently have upvotes on 4 questions visible. However, I can't vote for another one, as it claims I have 5 upvotes. I'm wondering if a question got "deleted", and it's still counting my vote for that deleted question. I'd like to be able to recind that vote and put it toward something else.

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possible duplicate of I can't find my fifth off-topic vote – Tobias Kienzler Sep 3 '10 at 10:09

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Your fifth off-topic vote is on a question which has been deleted. We'll add an answer to this question when we decide how to best handle this scenario. – Emmett♦

(comment on my dupe)

It is quite likely that bug, and I second it should be fixed. It is unlikely that a deleted question will be undeleted after several days, so the vote should be given back.

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Votes on deleted questions no longer count toward the 5-vote limit.

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