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I know this has been dragged out quite a few times but from what I understand to get the tenacious badge you need > 5 zero vote chosen answers and they must make up more than 20% of your total answers.

I was looking at the SO badge page for tenacious I'm assuming this is ordered with the most recent people first.

Currently at the top of the list is the user Andrew Bullock. Andrew currently has 247 answers and only has 13 zero accepted answers. Which is only 5.2%.

Currently I have 26 answers and 6 zero vote accepted answers which is 23%.

Can someone explain to me why Andrew received the tenacious badge and if I can expect one?

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up vote 6 down vote accepted

Self accepts are excluded and you have 2 of those

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Ok, now I understand. Thanks for that. – xiaohouzi79 Sep 2 '10 at 22:54

See waffles' answer for why you haven't gotten one

As for why Andrew did, the badge only counts your accepted answers; your answers that haven't been accepted are immaterial. He has 52 accepted answers and 13 of them have 0 votes, which is 25% (I didn't check to see if any were CW or self-accepts, but apparently not many were).

The badge description in my opinion is wrong, I interpret it as 20% of your total answers, but oh well

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