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On the users page, there is the following text:

weekly / monthly / quarterly reputation leagues

However, the entire text is one link to the weekly league.

I suggest that it be changed either to four separate links (adding yearly), or that it just display reputation leagues if only one link is desired. After all, when I click monthly, I expect to go straight to the monthly page, so either it should take me there or the monthly text should be removed.

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I don't agree -- the whole point of the reputation leagues is to show time intervals -- something we don't do at all. So we want to really emphasize that aspect of it.

We also want to drive people to the weekly leagues since those are the ones they actually have the best chance of doing well in.

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Then maybe revise it to say weekly reputation leagues? The words monthly and quarterly are misleading there. – waiwai933 Sep 3 '10 at 20:56

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