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I got my tag synonym request the wrong way round. I wanted to suggest that [iis-7.5] become a synonym for [iis7.5] with [iis7.5] being the master tag.

However, upon reviewing the existing IIS tags and comparing them to technology tags that have a version suffix (for example, [asp.net-1.1], [asp.net-2.0], [asp.net-mvc-2]), perhaps we should re-tag all of the [iisversion] questions to [iis-version] to be more consistent with the convention adopted for other technology tags?

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The synonym you suggested has now been voted in, and preferring hyphenated version numbers seems to work better for most tags.

It makes sense to rename [iis5] to [iis-5] (123 questions) and the same for 6 (×1,070) and 7 (×1,785), but, for now, as long as just one tag is used for each version, they can always be renamed later.

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Thanks Gnome....hopefully one of the mods will turn their attention to this retag. – Kev Sep 7 '10 at 18:11

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