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Based on my answer here (about allowing "preventative" tag synonyms) and a comment on my answer here, I'm proposing that a change be made to the algorithm that allows/denies tag synonym proposals.

The current system allows a proposal when

(# questions in target tag) >= (# questions in source tag)

The proposed new behaviour would allow a proposal when

(# questions in source tag) / (# questions in target tag) <= d

where d is decimal constant, probably somewhere in the range 2 <= d <= 3 (open to discussion, certainly).

What this means is that you still wouldn't be able to suggest a synonym that maps a 2,000-question tag to a 1-question tag, but you would be able to suggest a synonym that maps a 2,000-question tag to a 1,000-question tag.

This wouldn't open up the system completely, yet it would allow users more flexibility to put in the "right" synonym immediately (i.e., using a properly hyphenated version tag instead of the one with no hyphens; or using a plural version over singular). Here is a good example where I think the synonyms should be reversed that would be covered by this feature request.

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