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I was half way through writing a question for ServerFault. As I went to take a screenshot of the problem, I tried something different and stumbled on the answer.

I didn't get to ask the question, which means there's nothing to answer anymore. There still won't be a search result in ServerFault the next time I or someone else has the same problem in 3 months time.

I thought that perhaps I could still post my original question ("How do I..."), but in the body, include the answer I found. What's the StackOverflow community consensus on this? Is it appropriate or does it break a StackOverflow law?

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What is the example? Why didn't you post this on Meta Server Fault? ... and if you do answer your own question, you should include it as an answer, not as part of the question. – Peter Ajtai Sep 8 '10 at 6:27

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