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I am using the search option of the Stack Overflow, but I can't figure out how search all the questions with contains the "apple" word but not tagged as [apple]. I just read the help about searches, but I did not find anything similar.

Is it possible make this search?


I found the way, to make this search the word must be enclosed in quotes

"apple" -[apple]

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Your update is an answer to the question; it would be best to post it as such. – Hendrik Vogt May 15 '11 at 11:00
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You would search like this

apple [-apple]

which will search for the term apple but not tagged as apple

Sorry I have given you how to search for tags but excluding a tag. e.g Search for questions tagged with asp but not tagged

[asp] -[]

It would appear that the not operator - can only be used for tag searches not combined word and tag searches.

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