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I love the new (new to me at least) aggregated stackexchange.com home page. However, I'm curious if they conform to my interested/non-interested tag preferences? If not, that would be awesome.

It would be even more awesome if I could, on the stackexchange home page, click and drag any tag that appears under a question to a "interested" or a "non-interested" "tray" that would add that tag to my interested or non-interested list. (or just have some method of marking tags as interested or not-interested without having to go to the relevant SE).

Also, it'd be great if I could toggle it to only show questions tagged with a tag I'm interested in.

Also, and this could be just because I'll never appear on the list and therefor don't care, it feels like there is a LOT of wasted real-estate being used to show "featured users". This area could be utilized for something relevant to everyone, like tag management stuff.

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