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I just put some effort in giving links in this answer

And the last link never appeared as link:

  • tried the [..][1] syntax (using the GUI)
  • tried <a href=".."
  • tried pasting the link directly without any modifications

The last link never appeared. (In preview it was fine)

That's why I put an empty <a href="">.</a>, so that it becomes last, and then the last-but-one is shown properly

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[This tutorial][1] has all information about collection:

- <a href=""> implementations  
- [wrapper implementations][2] and [convenience implementations][3]  (what you are looking for)

(`subMap` is not there though. I can't see it in the `Map` interface actually)


You forgot the </a> after implementations in the first listed item, I guess that causes the trouble.

Why are you using a direct HTML-link there anyway?

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yup. thanks.. :) – Bozho Sep 10 '10 at 9:16

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