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I have a question regarding BackTrack Linux ISO customization. Apparently the stock ISO is missing some drivers and uses an older kernel. My question is: (other than the BackTrack forum) should I ask my question on StackOverflow or ServerFault? I would hate to see it bounced around :)

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  • This is not about programming, so Stack Overflow isn't a good fit.
  • This is not about administering multiple computers, so Server Fault isn't a good fit.
  • This is about administering your own computer, so Super User is a good fit.
  • Backtrack is not Ubuntu (it's a derivative, but that doesn't count), hence Ask Ubuntu is out.
  • This is about Unix, so Unix & Linux is a good fit.

Personally, I'd ask on Unix. Failing that I'd try SU as a last resort.

share|improve this answer it is. Thanks! – Traveling Tech Guy Sep 14 '10 at 15:28
@badp why do you say that Super User would be a last resort? – user216620 Apr 15 '13 at 14:23

Neither - in my opinion, would be the right place to ask. The question isn't about programming, or servers; but it will definitely fit into a site about Linux and other UN*Xes.

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