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Just came across this site: http://www.puzzleoverflow.com

It looks exactly the same as a Stack Exchange site. It doesn't seem to have any connection with SE, though, and it's not mentioned on Stack Exchange or anything.

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FWIW, Puzzle Overflow is also mentioned in this answer: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2267/stack-overflow-clones/… –  Pops Sep 16 '10 at 14:27
Ack, I noticed in the half-second between hitting "Save Edits" and the page actually refreshing that I clobbered someone. Sorry! –  Pops Sep 16 '10 at 14:30
You should ask George Stocker - He's got an account on Puzzle Overflow. –  Peter Ajtai Sep 16 '10 at 16:21
@Peter Yup. I answered below. –  George Stocker Sep 16 '10 at 16:37

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Take a look at its source:

<meta name="generator" content="StackExchange 0.9 (20100413135304-37b86aed49ad)">

I'd say it's a SE-1.0 site (or someone asking for a law suit)

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Can't seem to find it in the SE 1.0 site list: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/4/… –  Piskvor Sep 16 '10 at 12:58
@Piskvor: I'm not certain that list is complete, SE 1.0 allowed for private usage too. Maybe someone from the team can clarify this –  Tobias Kienzler Sep 16 '10 at 13:03
Ah, good point. We're kind of guessing here. OTOH, the links in non-obvious places point to StackOverflow.com, there is no contact info, no legal info, nothing. (the even FAQ has "we don't run %(sitename), you do"). I'm guessing "clone"; added to the SO clones list: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2267/stack-overflow-clones –  Piskvor Sep 16 '10 at 13:09
If it runs on the engine, it's almost certainly not an unauthorized clone. I'm with Tobias, it's more likely a SE1.0 site that just needs to be added to the list. –  C. Ross Sep 16 '10 at 13:35

It is a StackExchange site. In addition to checking the metadata, you can also visit it at http://puzzleoverflow.stackexchange.com/

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It was a Stack Exchange 1.0 puzzle site. It was a lot of fun and I think it'd have a place as part of a larger Stack Exchange built around Interviewing. But There isn't one of those yet.

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