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So, a common MATLAB question users have is how to find the minimum and/or maximum value in an array and the index of that value. Even though questions like these have been asked a few times, it's hard for users to find them since the titles are usually less than descriptive and the tags are often just [matlab].

So, I decided to start going through and cleaning up some of these questions to make them more likely to be found in searches by newer users. However, I ran into some ambiguity regarding the tagging:

  • "max" variations:
    • [max] x 166
    • [maximum] x 79
    • [maxima] x 10
    • [maxvalue] x 7
  • "min" variations:
    • [minimum] x 34
    • [min] x 23
  • "index" variations:
    • [indexing] x 1052
    • [index] x 499
    • [indexes] x 68
    • [indices] x 5
    • [array-indexing] x 1

I think there is definitely a need for some synonymizing to reduce this clutter, but what do people think is the best tag to go with in these situations?

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indexing and index could have different meanings. – Peter Ajtai Sep 16 '10 at 21:57
@Peter: True, I thought that as well. Maybe the "verbs" ([indexing]) and the "nouns" ([index]) should be dealt with separately. – gnostradamus Sep 16 '10 at 22:16
  • [max], [maxima] --> [maximum]
  • [maxvalue] needs hand-sorting into [maximum], but [maxvalue] I think should stay
  • [min] --> [minimum]

If we want to eliminate [array-indexing]:

  • [array-indexing] --> [indexing] + [arrays]
  • Array-related [indices] questions --> [indexing] + [arrays]
  • [index], [indexes], [indices] --> [indexing]

If we don't:

  • [index] + [arrays] (25) and [indexing] + [arrays] (24) --> [array-indexing]
  • Array-related [indices] questions --> [array-indexing]
  • [index], [indexes], [indices] --> [indexing]

The reason I'm suggesting [index] --> [indexing] is because it's impossible to get all users to split hairs between the meanings. Right now there are SQL-related index/indexing questions in both tags, and it would be a serious pain to separate them out and keep that maintained. There are also many questions about array indexes/indexing in both tags -- most of the time someone will ask a question with something like [c#] + [index], which isn't very specific at all. Those should be separated out, which is a pretty big job no matter which way we go.

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