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How does the comment system and comments work?


I already encountered this situation quite often at stackoverflow.com.

Someone posts a question, but the question left some important aspects open!

With the current technical implementation at stackoverflow.com you can only create an answer, and start your clarification Q&A thread inside there. But structurally seen, this IS NOT A REAL answer, but rather some further callbacks and answers, before the REAL answer!


Structurally, it would be very good if one could create a comment to the original question, within which one clarifies the meaning of the question, and then give a REAL answer into the answer section!

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This is a comment on your question. – balpha Sep 21 '10 at 10:26
@balpha this is a follow-up on your comment asking for clarification. – Pëkka Sep 21 '10 at 10:31

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This functionality already exists. But you need to have a reputation score of 50, then you'll be able to comment as you are suggesting - and as balpha and Pekka have wonderfully demonstrated.

Check out the Comments FAQ Section for full details.

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This is a rep limitation. Since you have < 50 rep, you can only comment within your own question (question or answers), and on your own replies (in discussion). When you have >= 50 rep, you can comment anywhere. See the FAQ for the list of what rep you need for which site functions.

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