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I asked the extremely popular question: Do most web 'programmers' (not designers) use wysiwyg editors or hand code their HTML?

When I asked it, I intended it to be a poll type of question (yeah yeah, I know, no polls), anyway, I added a 'Yes' & 'No' answer expecting people to vote them up & down.

The Yes answer received enough votes to earn me a gold badge.

This was unintended, and I've felt a little guilty about this for a long time.

Could I have that badge revoked?

For more details, see the question comments.

EDIT: Just to let you know, I emailed as suggested in the accepted answer, and was told that the whole question would need to be deleted, and if I was ok with that. I told them no, since it's obviously been a pretty popular question.

Thanks for the advice, I guess I'll just live with my undeserved gold badge. ;-) ... life is rough.

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Don't feel guilty. Those are earned upvotes. Maybe easy votes but sometimes you take a lot of work for an answer only to get a single upvote. – Toon Krijthe Sep 22 '10 at 15:42
Don't feel guilty. It's the stackoverflow users that are crazily vote-happy, not your fault for indulging them. If it makes you feel better, I downvoted the question, because I think polls are worse than worthless. ;) – Joren Sep 22 '10 at 19:50
thanks for the update. Congratulations... I guess. – Pops Sep 25 '10 at 4:45
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You can theoretically e-mail I know they can remove badges that you earned and then unearned (although they prefer not to), but I don't know if it's possible to eliminate a badge you still technically deserve, I would expect the badge awarding script to just give it to you again. Either way, I think you'll need to e-mail the team directly though

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Unless you take @Michael's route and the team makes an extra-special exception for you, the answer is no. It's well-documented that badges are never revoked unless the requirements change, which doesn't apply here, or you commit gross cheating, which means cracking their network and attacking their database, not posting a poll answer.

Getting rid of things that you've earned for any reason doesn't seem to be popular 'round these parts, as I found out with one of my first questions. I upvoted you for a good question, though.

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