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The [aaa] tag is was used to mean two separate things:

For the former, there is already a tag available, but for the latter there is none, and [authentication-authorization-accounting] is way over the 25 character length limit.

Any suggestions to a short enough tag name? Since I am not an expert of the field, I would rather not make suggestions myself.

Btw the existing posts which used to have the tag [aaa] in the security protocol sense are:


I retagged the above posts with aaa-security-protocol. I also searched through posts tagged [authentication] and [authorization], to find any related to AAA, but there seems to be none.

To avoid future confusion, please blacklist the [aaa] tag.

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From the name of the Wikipedia article.

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@Péter Török: Fair enough. – Gelatin Sep 22 '10 at 16:59

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