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Yesterday I noticed this.

This question is nothing more than blatant advertisement for an application. My understanding was that this sort of thing belonged on StackApps.

Has the policy changed? Can I start posting my apps here? If the policy has not changed, I think the question ought to be closed and deleted. It's not fair to the rest of us that one person is gaining rep. on Meta by posting apps.

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I wasn't aware of such a policy, but I tentatively support it, assuming that it prevents a lot of clutter. – Pops Sep 24 '10 at 16:40
"It's not fair to the rest of us that one person is gaining rep. on Meta by posting apps." - I was with you until this sentence. Does anyone really care? I agree that the rule on spamming meta about your apps should be applied uniformly, but it's more a matter of signal-to-noise than meaningless rep gain. – user27414 Sep 24 '10 at 16:40
And +1 just because I don't care about whether or not you gain rep :) – user27414 Sep 24 '10 at 16:41
@Jon: The reason I mention the rep. is because that user got 18 upvotes. – uɐɯsO uɐɥʇɐN Sep 24 '10 at 16:45
@George - so what? That post is on-topic or off-topic regardless of how many upvotes it got and how many points the author received. – user27414 Sep 24 '10 at 16:46
@Popular Here's the original announcement for the policy. As far as I know, the policy hasn't been changed, so I'm going to vote accordingly. – Grace Note Sep 24 '10 at 16:57
@JonSeigel I wouldn't really call a question asking if a policy is still in effect a duplicate of the original policy statement. – Grace Note Sep 24 '10 at 16:58
@Grace: Perhaps the policy should be included in one of the FAQs. – Jon Seigel Sep 24 '10 at 17:01
You know what? I'm going to quit MSO, and I advise most of the rest of you to do the same. Please direct any issues you may eventually have to @GraceNote directly. – Pops Sep 24 '10 at 17:13
@JonSeigel That may be a wise idea. I would say it should be posted on Stack Apps moreso than here... but that's just my thought. – Grace Note Sep 24 '10 at 17:23
@Grace: Having it on both sites would eliminate any confusion, though I think it's more about Meta SO policy than StackApps policy. – Jon Seigel Sep 24 '10 at 17:25
@Jon: Ya, we need to be clear about this. – uɐɯsO uɐɥʇɐN Sep 24 '10 at 18:09

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