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I used to be able to log into Stack Overflow with my delegated OpenID (, but now I'm no longer able to.

I see this error:

Unable to log in with your OpenID provider:
No OpenID endpoint found.

I already found this question which seems directly related:

OpenID Endpoint Suddenly Not Found

I also went through the points on this page; none of them seem to apply to me:

Can't log in with my OpenID - Troubleshooting Tips

Finally, I tried going to to identify problems with the delegation setup but the site appears to be down as of this writing.

Thanks in advance for any help someone can provide!

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Are openid2.provider/openid2.local_id supported? I use openid.server/openid.delegate, so I can confirm those work; I'm not sure about the ones you're using – Michael Mrozek Sep 26 '10 at 20:11
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Figured it out!

Sadly for some reason, my site was missing an opening <html> tag, and somehow the W3C validator didn't catch that.

I guess the missing <html> tag was preventing the appropriate <link> tags from being parsed correctly.

Anyway, all straightened out now.

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