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I have recently changed my OpenID provider to WordPress. I'm using the same ID but the provider has changed. Everything works fine when authenticating with sites like and But I can't access my account on I enter '' or '' in the OpenID url field and click 'Log in'. On I get to the login page in a timely fashion but on all browsers (I've tested with) just hangs. After a while I got a '504 Gateway Time-Out' when using IE (@

I've also tested my OpenID at and it works. Thought it was something wrong with my new OpenId provider but it seems it is which has troubles communicating with the idp?

Please help.

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We can't reproduce this -- perhaps some temporary network issue 7 hours ago?

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Very strange, now it works on both sites! Thanks for looking into this so quickly. – Johan Andersson Sep 28 '10 at 13:41

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