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I have recently changed my OpenID provider to WordPress. I'm using the same ID but the provider has changed. Everything works fine when authenticating with sites like meta.stackoverflow.com and getsatisfaction.com. But I can't access my account on stackoverflow.com. I enter 'johan.andersson.net' or 'http://johan.andersson.net' in the OpenID url field and click 'Log in'. On meta.stackoverflow.com I get to the login page in a timely fashion but on stackoverflow.com all browsers (I've tested with) just hangs. After a while I got a '504 Gateway Time-Out' when using IE (@ http://stackoverflow.com/users/authenticate).

I've also tested my OpenID at test-id.net and it works. Thought it was something wrong with my new OpenId provider but it seems it is stackoverflow.com which has troubles communicating with the idp?

Please help.

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We can't reproduce this -- perhaps some temporary network issue 7 hours ago?

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Very strange, now it works on both sites! Thanks for looking into this so quickly. – Johan Andersson Sep 28 '10 at 13:41

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