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It seems almost all requests to add tag category/hierarchy/organization/etc have been shot down.

I'm suggesting a different variety: automatically add the appropriate "category" tag(s) when the question is posted.

Here's an example for my personal interest, very similar to a previous answer: On SO there's swing tag, but many people (especially n00bs) use specific tags like jtable, jlabel, etc. without using the swing tag. It would be a huge pain, if not impossible, to add all JComponent subclasses to my interested tags and RSS feed.

Per ThePony's answer, moderators would try to merge/retag, but it obviously hasn't happened (at least not completed) with those JComponent tags.

So instead of imposing it on our dearly-beloved mods, why not let the engine do it automatically, so that whenever a question with only jtable is posted, add swing to it? Or at least it can suggest the category tag(s) to the user.

The tag categorization/hierarchy should be maintained by mods or with high rep users on the category tag (the swing tag in my case).

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Duplicate of Could we make tags imply other tags? and even more of Auto assign language tags to questions based on other tags.. The problem I see is, "child" tags don't necessarily imply any relevance to their parent: plenty of jQuery questions aren't about JavaScript, plenty of C# questions aren't about the .NET libraries. This isn't a technical problem... See also: On guidelines to tagging and avoiding unnecessary tags. – Shog9 Sep 27 '10 at 16:55
No and no. In my example, 1) jtable tag stays as is. It does NOT imply swing. Instead swing is automatically added (or at least suggested) to the question. 2) I did NOT suggest adding java. swing is a large and self-sufficient enough tag to stand on itself. Only St. Skeet can follow language tags. – Geoffrey Zheng Sep 27 '10 at 18:47

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