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Dennis Haarbrink and I just had a little conversation about the spl tag (SPL is the Standard PHP Library) on this question.

In my opinion the tag is, more or less, synonymous with [php], pretty similar as if I'd tag a C# question with [System-Data]. It further limits the scope of the question but doesn't add anything of value to it.

Should this tag be used?

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SPL can also refer to:

Although neither of these are popular topics on Stack Overflow, it doesn't mean that they wouldn't be in the future. This makes it less viable to add SPL as a synonym of PHP. It's also worth noting that the percentage of questions tagged [php] that are also tagged [spl] is tiny.

With only 43 questions, I think a manual cleanup is enough. Remaining vigilant could help keep the tag off future PHP questions too.

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