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I am a fan of Stack Overflow, and I see that SO has many sister sites, like Server Fault, etc. I really appreciate them, but their names need to give hints about what each site is all about.

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Don't the names already do that?

  • A Stack Overflow is an error made while programming; SO is for programming questions
  • Server Fault has "server" right in the name; SF is for server administration questions
  • A Super User is a user with above-average capabilities on a computer; SU is for general computer software/hardware questions

As user118150 said, the FAQ of each site (SO, SF, SU) breaks down exactly what's on-topic on that site, but the names are pretty helpful too

As for figuring out where you should ask a question, if you're still unsure you can post a description of the question here and we'll help you figure it out; beyond the trilogy sites there are 24 public SE betas that your question might work on too

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Super User really doesn't make that much sense though till you read what its about... – thyrgle Sep 30 '10 at 2:09

Consider looking at the master list of sites:


It lists all the sites and descriptions on one nice page.

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Reading the FAQs of the various sites should be helpful in figuring that out. The three main sites are serverfault, superuser and stackoverflow. There is a stackexchange process for making more sites in the future, but that process is currently under development.

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