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What exactly does the moderator-assigned "status-bydesign" tag mean? What other moderator only tags are there, and what are their meanings?

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Status-bydesign is the response to a bug/feature request stating that this is the intended behavior.

Status-completed means the feature/bug fix has been implemented.

Status-declined means the feature request is "rejected" and will not be implemented.

Status-norepro means a bug cannot be duplicated

Status-planned is a feature that is being planned.

Status-review is a bug/feature being reviewed.

Status-reproduced is a bug that has been successfully reproduced.

I'm not sure what status-deffered is intended to mean.

I believe there is also a status-accepted (though there are none currently) which would be when a feature request has been accepted, but has not been completed yet.

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As per the question, what other moderator tags are there? – Nalandial Jul 17 '09 at 16:59

Status-bydesign: The problem someone is complaining about is there by design.

Status-completed: The request has been taken care of.

Status-declined: The request will not be implemented.

Status-norepro: We are unable to reproduce the bug.

Status-deferred: We are planning to look at this issue in the future.

Status-planned: We are have already planned a fix.

Status-review: We are reviewing your request.

Status-reproduced: We've reproduced your bug, and are trying to figure it out.

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