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I've been on the SO trilogy sites since beta. I log into each one with the same OpenID as always. But, this time for Programmers SE, it does not associate and I didn't get my free 100 rep.

When I go to my Programmers SE profile / Accounts tab, it shows I'm associated with and nothing else. When I click "Associate with X" for any of the other sites listed, it pops up with "User id 3347 already associated with another account".

I looked at my Onstartsups profile and it's the same story as Programmers.

I looked at my SO, SF, and SU accounts and everything's nicely linked up except for Programmers and Onstartups. When I try associating, I get the same error.

Can this be fixed by me or a mod?

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There's a slight chance that this is related to my earlier bug; I say this only because I got unexpected "already associated" weirdness too. – Pops Oct 4 '10 at 13:50
same thing here, i've had weird behaviors with the associated accounts – samy Oct 4 '10 at 13:54

According to your list of accounts, your Programmers account is properly associated with the rest of them.

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