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I am regular StackOverflow participant. Since I work mostly in C++, C, and python, I would like to read only those questions which are tagged with at least one of them.

I found that I can use


for questions tagged with "c++".

How do I extend this to read questions tagged with

c++ OR c OR python

where OR is logical-OR?

I tried

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/c++ + c + python

but it seems that the '+' in the URL is doing logical-AND and that is not what I want.

[I would not be surprised if this question turns out to be duplicate, but in my search, I could not find the answer.]

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"http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/c++ or c or python" works.

Btw: It's not the + that causes the and. Simply using "tagged/c++ c python" will have the same effect as the url you tried. The + is simply ignored.

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Wow! I never tried using the 'or' in the URL.. Thank you. – Arun Saha Oct 9 '10 at 21:49
Cool stuff, thanks! – Aiden Bell Oct 9 '10 at 23:16

I think this would be partially useful, adding "checkboxen" and a "show only" button to allow filtering of the current question "view" on a subset of tags:
alt text To allow question filtering on multiple tags.

Helps narrow down to some good answers in a subset of tags

May stop people bumping into mis-tagged questions and correcting them. Sort of boxes people into subjects which I don't like.

My vote: Meh

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Related: this answer by Jeff for a related question meta.stackexchange.com/questions/11563/… – Pops Oct 9 '10 at 20:17

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