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Say someone edited my question and I rolled back this edit. Then later, if I wish to use this edit after all, how do I go about doing it? How can I view the Revision history?

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You'll see "edited 48 mins ago" (or however long ago it was) just to the left of your name at the bottom of the question:

Clicking this will show the edit history aka Revisions list.

See this question as an example.

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Thanks, I just did not know where to click to get to the history :) – kiki Oct 13 '10 at 13:15

I think you want the revisions

For this question it will be


So it is made up of:


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Anyway, this is the only way to view revisions in case of closing/bounty etc that don't cause the "edited" link to appear. – Shadow Wizard Mar 21 at 18:43

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