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I've edited a few tags on Meta, and it appears that the tag dropdown isn't always working. I then end up creating new tags, when I might have chosen an old one.

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I think you may have a caching problem with the jQuery files that run a lot of the AJAX on the sites. You can test this by trying to click the Flag link on a post and see if you get the red menu pop up. If not, you should try and clear you browser cache and initiate a hard refresh on your browser. That should clear it up.

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I just tested it, got the red menu, but when I added a tag I didn't get the dropdown. It might be Firefox that's the problem, I only started using it because of the bug (now fixed) here, and then I wanted to use the auto-refresh, but it's kind of a pain. – Lance Roberts Jul 18 '09 at 1:06

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