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I was looking through some of the highest rep users' profiles and noticed none of them had earned the tumbleweed badge. I can think of several reasons why, but which user who earned that badge, currently, has the most rep?

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I would think that high-rep users would be more likely to earn Tumbleweed. When you're the best person on SO, and you have a question, who's going to be able to answer it? – Pops Oct 18 '10 at 19:02
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Here's a query using the data dump which would be data up to the first of the month:

SELECT TOP 10 u.DisplayName, u.Reputation 
FROM Badges b
INNER JOIN Users u ON b.UserId = u.Id
WHERE b.Name='Tumbleweed'
ORDER By u.Reputation DESC​

The top 10 results:

DisplayName               Reputation 
------------------------- ---------- 
tvanfosson                121740     
paxdiablo                 106246     
Darin Dimitrov            102569     
marc_s                    84944      
SLaks                     80588      
Pekka                     71504      
Bill Karwin               66385      
Bozho                     57980      
skaffman                  55425      
Remus Rusanu              54865  
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I don't know how I missed that one. The question that awarded the user the badge was a good but obscure question. – YWE Oct 17 '10 at 5:45

Here's a data dump query:

select top 10 * from badges b join users u on b.userid =
where b.Name = 'Tumbleweed'
order by u.Reputation desc

Of course, the data dump is missing some data, so it cannot tell you which question got the badge, or how much reputation the user had when s/he got it.

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